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Since 1989 Caytco Import  has accumulated valuable experience in all promotional campaigns, IMPORTING DIRECTLY "Door to Door" promotional materials for major national and international companies offering very competitive prices and terms.

This experience has positioned us amongst the leading promotional gift sector at European level.


Since 1989 we have imported and distributed to Spain, Portugal, Andorra, Canary Islands, France, Holland, Belgium, Germany and Austria THOUSANDS OF PROMOTIONTIONAL PRODUCTS,  supporting our clients in their goals and every time adapting to their needs and changes.

Caytco Import is A PREFERENT SUPPLIER with most of our customers, we're proud to disclose this our web-site page ...!

We have a protocol that is constantly evolving throughout the supply chain process ensuring deliveries to anywhere in the world.

We take care of all the aspects involved in our productions.

From the very beginning of production, through all the processes until the product has reached its final destination.

Nothing is left to chance!.

Vocation of Service:

In Caytco Import we have a true vocation in attending to all our customers services in all aspects. With this commitment,  it has allowed us a long professional relationship with them.